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Chicken Tortilla Soup


 This is an old family favorite. It’s so simple I often feel guilty claiming it’s really a “recipe.” I brought it to a baby shower last weekend and was reminded that many of the best things in life are simple: dinner with family, a warm cup of soup when it’s […]

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Salmon Primavera Skillet


 I did not grow up eating fish. The only seafood I remember was the occasional tuna casserole and it didn’t take long before I refused entirely to eat even a single bite of that. Shortly after, I entered my vegetarian years, which lasted until I was nearly through college, and […]

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Grandma’s Rolls


 My grandma was amazing. She was not only the quintessential farm wife and the mother of five boys, but she was also an independent woman, who made the most of her life when she found herself single and living in the Colorado suburbs, which (I imagine) felt lonely and foreign […]