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Dill Pickle Popcorn


 Several years ago, I decided to give up on Sunday dinner. My husband comes from a family with a big Sunday dinner tradition and we had upheld that and, mostly, enjoyed it. Then came a point where the schedule was hectic and I wanted to spend more time with my […]

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Protein Power Balls


 My dear friend shared this recipe with me and it is, by far, my kids’ favorite power ball. With three sources of high-quality protein, they are definitely worth the carbs brought by the honey and mix-ins. The protein powder is optional, though you won’t taste it and your kids won’t […]

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Chicken Tortilla Soup


 This is an old family favorite. It’s so simple I often feel guilty claiming it’s really a “recipe.” I brought it to a baby shower last weekend and was reminded that many of the best things in life are simple: dinner with family, a warm cup of soup when it’s […]