How to Choose a Cantaloupe 

Picking the perfect melon can seem mystifying, but with these simple steps you will come away with a real winner nearly every time.

  1. Smell the stem end. All melons have a stem end as well as a blossom end. The stem end should smell fragrant and like a bowl of fresh cantaloupe. If it smells green it’s likely underripe. An overripe melon may have a sticky-sweet or decaying scent.
  2. Examine the skin. Cantaloupes have a skin covered by rough netting for protection. The skin BEHIND the netting should be a nice, golden hay color.
  3. Check for blemishes. Any debts, bruises or soft spots indicate decay under the skin. Pick a melon that has a uniform surface free of spots and indentations.

Once you’ve selected your cantaloupe, be sure to chill thoroughly and wash it before slicing.


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