How to Choose the Perfect Watermelon 

FullSizeRender.jpgWith the 4th of July just around the corner, knowing how to pick the perfect watermelon is an essential culinary skill. With some sleuthing and a little luck, you’ll be enjoying slice after cool slice of nature’s summer candy.

  • Examine the skin. Ideally, the whole melon will be a deep green. Most melons will develop a light spot while sitting in the field, but as the fruit fully ripens, this light spot turns from white to deep yellow. The skin surrounding the patch should be dark green.
    • This melon is under ripe:unripe melon.jpg
    • This melon has fully ripened:Ripe watermelon.jpg
  • Lift it up. A ripe, juicy melon should feel heavy in comparison to its size. This takes some practice. A melon that feels like a lead brick may very well be overripe, while one that seems just sort of hefty could be under ripe. Go for one that seems weighty but passes the third test as well.
  • Smack it. That’s right, open up your palm and give it a good whack. It’s best if you’re holding the entire melon at this point because you want to be able to feel the vibrations as they pass through to the other side of the fruit. Light, tinkling vibrations are an indication of under ripe flesh. Vibrations that feel very heavy, sluggish and almost wet suggest a fruit that’s past it’s prime. The best melons will have deep, strong vibrations that pass all the way through to your other hand.

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