Why You Need A Grow Light*

If you’re going to start seedlings indoors, you need a good grow light.  These specifically-designed tools provide all the wavelengths of light your tender plants need to grow up to be healthy, strong producers.  Seedlings need more hours of sun per day than the average late winter day can provide. Plan on 14 hours of direct, overhead lighting for best results (you can use a simple outlet timer to achieve this). Even an exposed, south-facing windowsill often results in leggy plants that will never be as vigorous or hardy as those grown under the proper lighting conditions.

This is the light I love and recommend.  It’s adjustable, simple to use and can easily be stored in the box when you’re done using it for the year.

It comes in two or four-foot lengths.  I personally have the two-foot one and it works great for my needs because it can start an entire tray of new plants.  The four-foot version can light two trays at once. 

Be sure to check on your plants daily.  They will need small amounts of water often and will also need the light raised almost every other day.  The light should be kept within 1-2 inches of the tops of your seedlings at all times.

Nothing gets me quite as excited about the upcoming garden as wandering into my laundry room to check on my tiny tomatoes!


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  1. I have great success using standard fluorescent bulbs for growing seedlings. If you are growing crops under lights year-round, as in hydroponics, etc. then a full-spectrum grow light is invaluable. However, for plants that are only under lights a few weeks (even 10-12) and then move into the garden my tests showed little if any difference. Happy gardening, and those tomato seedlings look fantastic!


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