30 Day Eat-In Challenge Evaluation

Here are some lessons and ideas I came away with from our challenge to eat strictly from home for the whole month of November:

  • Having a meal plan is imperative if you intend to eat more home-cooked meals. Look over the calendar and make arrangements for each day (I usually just plan dinner as breakfast is oatmeal, smoothie etc. and lunch is leftovers or something quick). If you have a busy night upcoming, plan for a freezer or slow cooker meal.
  • Leftovers are worth their weight in gold. Making several extra portions can save time and hassle during the following days. Who doesn’t want to open the fridge to an already-made lunch or dinner staring back at them?
  • Involving your kids in meal-planning and preparation usually means they will happily consume what is served.  A definite win-win!
  • Grocery-shopping with a menu and list means you really do save a few dollars!

I enjoyed tracking what I ate each day (through my Instagram posts).  I liked the feeling of self-reliance that came from planning and preparing all our meals and I can say with certainty that we will take this challenge again at least once in 2016.  Hopefully you’ll join us!


Menu Plan and Week 2 of the 30 day Eat-In Challenge 

Monday did its best to knock me down this week, but I’m determined to get back up and finish the week strong!  Here’s what’s for dinner:

Monday: Pasta Primavera.

Tuesday: Leftovers. I want my Tupperware back!

Wednesday: Pan-Glazed Tofu with rice and garden veggies. Yes, we eat tofu. We are that weird!

Thursday: Something from the freezer. I’ll figure out what to defrost Wednesday night.

Friday: Cedar plank salmon, salad and oven fries.

Saturday: Ribs, cheddar biscuits and salad. Our best rib-cooking friends are coming to town and I’m planning to con him into helping with the meat. 🙂

Sunday: Popcorn, smoothies and a story.